Saturday, March 21, 2009

California Representative Brad Sherman Video

The Democrats need to get this guy on as many television shows to counter the big media talking heads as much as possible. He just destroyed these two enablers of Wall Street in a performance that makes me want to say, Bravo!

Notice how the word "bad actors" keeps coming up? You know why they are saying that don't you? Because what it means is "it's not the system, it was just a few people". You can almost see them winking when they say it. They really, really want you to believe them because they don't want change to the system that brings them great wealth no matter what it does to anyone else.


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Note To Jim Cramer & Joe Scarborough

Jim, for your own good - shut the fuck up!

Joe, Jon Stewart "cherry picks" the same way Media Matters "cherry picks", by showing what people actually say in context. Maybe in your world that is "cherry picking", but to most sane people, it looks like putting videotape to good use and using past statements to contrast with present statements. Sometimes it might even resemble calling people on their bullshit. Because it is! Somehow it doesn't surprise me that you would resent that, I would guess it's because people do it to you on a regular basis to call you on your bullshit.

Have a nice day!


Joe, the video below is what I mean about videotape being used to contrast past statements with current statements. In the video Jim Cramer implicates himself in illegal activity and claims the SEC doesn't even know what it is he is doing in manipulating the "free" market. This video explains why Jim Cramer is a fucking douchebag criminal asshole. Maybe now you will get what I mean, Joe.

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Monday, March 09, 2009

Bushvilles: The New Hoovervilles

Last century, we had Hoovervilles, and this century, what else could it be but Bushvilles. It is only fitting. I personally could handle the name Republicanvilles myself.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Jon Stewart & The Daily Show Video: Rick Santelli & CNBC Financial Advice

What's amazing about this video is that Jon Stewart in 8 minutes shows you what a fraud Santelli and many of his CNBC cohorts are and yet the mainstream media treats these people with kid gloves. Almost as if they are such vast reservoirs of knowledge and so right on the money with predictions of the future that anything they say cannot be in doubt. Jon Stewart and his writers are better at showing you what is really going on in this country than the "real" journalists, who practice "real" journalism, are doing.

Why would that be?

Is it because all these "serious" and somber "real" journalists you see on TV everyday, are in fact, millionaires and are part of the establishment and elite of the country? And they have no more in common with the vast majority of the country than any of the other wealthy elite does?

I would think the answer is rather obvious.

When you are watching these people on TV, it is good to remember, that when it comes to rolling back the Bush tax cuts they are directly being hit right in their pocket books. Every single one of them. They are the top 1 or 2 percent of income earners in this country and until recently were making out quite well.

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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Jon Stewart Daily Show Video: CPAC After Party

In which Jon Stewart lets the right wing extremists speak for themselves.