Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Note To Jim Cramer & Joe Scarborough

Jim, for your own good - shut the fuck up!

Joe, Jon Stewart "cherry picks" the same way Media Matters "cherry picks", by showing what people actually say in context. Maybe in your world that is "cherry picking", but to most sane people, it looks like putting videotape to good use and using past statements to contrast with present statements. Sometimes it might even resemble calling people on their bullshit. Because it is! Somehow it doesn't surprise me that you would resent that, I would guess it's because people do it to you on a regular basis to call you on your bullshit.

Have a nice day!


Joe, the video below is what I mean about videotape being used to contrast past statements with current statements. In the video Jim Cramer implicates himself in illegal activity and claims the SEC doesn't even know what it is he is doing in manipulating the "free" market. This video explains why Jim Cramer is a fucking douchebag criminal asshole. Maybe now you will get what I mean, Joe.

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