Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Josh Marshall - "It's Poor Form" To Point Out Falsehoods

Bob Somerby has a field day with Josh Marshall and for good reason:

"MARSHALL (2/5/07): Many consider it poor form to point out these small-ante falsehoods. But this is how the Obama-Madrassa story got jazzed all over the place."

As Somerby correctly points out this stuff has been going on for quite a while and most people should be aware of it, unless you have just been living under a rock, or in a state of denial.

One of my favorites of the last few years was the Bush administration's claim that the Clinton White House left the place in shambles when they took over. Of course, the "swift boat" incident with Kerry was a particular piece of falsehood theater (coming soon to a PBS station near you!) that helped turn a guy who volunteered to go to Vietnam, and won medals for heroism, into some kind of lying weasel who made it all up and helped re-elect a man who barely functions as an adult.

It should be obvious to all by now what has happened to Democrats in the last decade or so by the so called "liberal" press and punditry, just look at what they did to Al Gore. But, perhaps, the lessons haven't sunk in enough.

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