Friday, January 19, 2007

Howard Fineman Of Newsweek - Still The High School Nerd Or Just Another Mainstream Pundit Writing Really Stupid Shit?

Actually, Howard is both, as you can see by reading what this guy apparently gets paid much more than you or me to write:

"You knew Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama in high school. At least I did. They were candidates in the student senate election. She was the worthy but puffed-up Miss Perfect, all poodle skirts and multicolored binders clutched to her chest. He was the lanky, mysterious transfer student—from Hawaii by way of Indonesia no less—who Knew Things and was way too cool to carry more than one book at a time. Who would be leader of the pack?

Presidential elections are high school writ large, of course, and that is especially true when, as now, much of the early nomination race is based in the U.S. Capitol. It is even more the case when the party in question, and here we are talking about the Democrats, is not sharply divided ideologically.They have a good chance in ’08 to oust the fading prep/jock/ROTC/Up With People alliance."

You can read more here if you like.

As Bob Somerby has often noted, this is how the pundit class and mainstream media have decided the last two Presidential elections. By coming up with absolutely idiotic and false things to write about Democrats (like Al Gore "invented" the internet, or he is a "robot" and so on) and yet they somehow become "fact" and it is pretty obvious who target number one is.

Never forget that there is a "liberal" bias to the mainstream media!

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