Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Frosty Hardison's Of The World Just Want A Debate

"Frosty Hardison, the father whose objection to the film triggered a moratorium on the movie until someone could scrape up "a credible opposing view," now claims he was only after some healthy classroom debate.

Back when the Seattle P-I first wrote about him and the district's response to his complaint Jan. 11, the father of seven -- who also opposes sex education and supports public school teaching of creationism -- sang from a slightly different hymnal. "Condoms don't belong in school, and neither does Al Gore. He's not a schoolteacher," he said.

With more material ripe for "The Daily Show," Hardison went on to describe mother earth as a rather pubescent 14,000-year-old planet. This apparently is based on the calculations of 17th-century Irish Archbishop James Ussher, whose math was so deliciously derided in the Scopes Monkey Trial play and movie, "Inherit the Wind."

Hardison also believes that the globe's eventual incineration comes out of the Good Book, not out of America's tailpipes and factory stacks.

But, by last week in a Seattle Times story, Hardison was mightily offended that people "think we're just these religious fanatics sticking their heads in the sand." All he had wanted was a broad spectrum of views on the "theory that global warming is a naturally occurring phenomenon."

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Gee, Frosty, I wonder how people got the idea you were a "religious fanatic"? It couldn't possibly be from the things you say, could it?

The information that’s being presented is a very cockeyed view of what the truth is.… The Bible says that in the end times everything will burn up, but that perspective isn’t in the DVD.”

Story here.

Unintentionally hilarity is still the best. Don't you agree?



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