Saturday, December 02, 2006

Glenn Greenwald Destroys Thomas Friedman's Support For Invading Iraq

"That body of work is extraordinary. Friedman is truly one of the most frivolous, dishonest, and morally bankrupt public intellectuals burdening this country. Yet he is, of course, still today, one of the most universally revered figures around, despite -- amazingly enough, I think it's more accurate to say "because of" -- his advocacy of the invasion of Iraq, likely the greatest strategic foreign policy disaster in America's history."

Read the rest here.

Now you might think that Glenn is being a bit well, too harsh, on Friedman but just keep in mind what he advocated for with the invasion of Iraq and that he will never, ever take responsibility for it. Ever.

Besides, this is the same guy who said that as long as a trade agreement had "Free Trade" in it he was all for it. Even if he never read the thing.

Let that sink in for a moment.

To my way of thinking the word despicable doesn't quite do justice to Thomas Friedman.

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