Friday, November 17, 2006

Zodiac Movie Trailer

This is a really good movie trailer for the new David Fincher film about the Zodiac serial killer who taunted the police, really liked writing letters to the San Francisco Chronicle and scared the hell out of the bay area for a couple of years.

Fincher is probably the ideal director for this movie and seems to be drawn to the dark subject matter with films like Seven, Fight Club and The Game (which is also set in San Francisco and a favorite of mine) on his resume.

Having grown up just outside the bay area in a place that was called the "Murder Capital Of The World" in the 1970's (my grandparents lived in the small town, Soquel, mentioned in the first paragraph of the story, my uncle's family and my family lived a couple of miles away) I was aware of all these crazy serial killers running around, basically, in my backyard.

All of this explains why in the movie The Lost Boys, which was filmed partly in Santa Cruz, the name of the town was changed to Santa Carla.

So you could say I have a slight interest in the film with my vague childhood memories of this time.

The film is due out in March 2007.



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