Monday, November 13, 2006

Senator Jon Tester Of Montana Should Be A Regular On Meet The Press....Right?

You would think Senator Tester would be a natural fit to be a regular on Tim Russert's show wouldn't you? I mean Tim is the product of a working class family from Buffalo, NY and his roots supposedly have never been left behind even as he spends his weekends in Nantucket and obviously Tester still is working class as you can tell from the photo posted above.

Unless you think Tester chucks hay bales around for fun.

But I suspect we will see the same old inside the beltway guests like the "maverick" John McCain or the "bipartisan" Joe Lieberman and all the others spouting the usual and extremely conventional "wisdom" of how things really are in the world.

Having a real down home kind of guy like Jon Tester on would be a little too real especially when he is not a conservative and starts talking about real populist issues that are affecting the average people of the country. You know that crazy stuff like health care, jobs, "free" trade agreements, the environment and alternative energy.

Who knows maybe I am wrong about this but I would guess not.

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