Friday, November 17, 2006

Is Nuclear Power The Answer To Global Warming?

The answer is no. I would think most people would know this because of the problem of the waste from power plants, as in what do you do with this stuff that is poisonous for 250k years, but there are other reasons:

"Nuclear energy is not the panacea for tackling global warming, says one of the world's most celebrated climate change campaigners, former US vice-president Al Gore.

Mr Gore also shrugged off Prime Minister John Howard's recent claim that his film An Inconvenient Truth showed "a degree of the peeved politician".

"It may be one of those elements that's in the eyes of the beholder," he told The Age yesterday.

Mr Gore said nuclear power was unlikely to play a significantly bigger role in the climate change battle. "Even if you set aside the problem of long-term waste storage and the danger of operator accident and the vulnerability to terrorist attack, you still have two others that are more difficult," he said.

The first problem was one of economics.

"Nuclear power plants are the costliest to build and they take the longest time and at present they come in only one size — extra large."

The second was nuclear weapons proliferation. "For eight years when I was in the White House, every problem of weapons proliferation was connected to a reactor program," he said."

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