Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Republicans Idea Of "Bipartisanship"

"White House allies suggest there is little reason to think Bush and the Democrats will work together. Bush has tied himself closely to conservative movement leaders who bitterly disagree with Democrats for their opposition to tax cuts and to privatizing Social Security — two of the administration's top goals.

"When we want to go up and they want to go down, we want to go right and they want to go left, there's no compromise," said anti-tax activist Grover Norquist, a close advisor to the White House.

Norquist said the Republicans' primary goal for the next two years should be making the case for GOP control — not bipartisanship.

"Nancy Pelosi will do for the Republicans what [Bill] Clinton did for the Republicans — become the lightning rod to explain that their congressman who they thought was a reasonable guy was really a left-wing wacko," he said."

As a behind the scene leader of the Republican party or if you prefer, or an extremist fanatic as I call him, one Mr. Grover "I want to get the government down to the size I can drown it in the bathtub" Norquist has just given us the answer.

Make no mistake about it these guys are not about what is best for the majority of the country only what is best for the rich and fulfillment of their own extremist ideological ambitions.

And what are those you may ask?

Which is that they essentially want to take the country back to where it was in say 1890, when a union, environmental protection, no social safety net and many other things didn't exist. It was an "ownership society" and what that really meant is that you really were on your own.

Thanks to Talking Points Memo for the tip.

"Bipartisanship is another name for date rape," Norquist, a onetime adviser to former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, said, citing an axiom of House conservatives."

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