Monday, October 16, 2006

Strange Idea Of "Nonpartisan" By Mark Sandalow Of The San Francisco Chronicle

"They'll be thrown together in kind of a shotgun marriage where they will have to cooperate on a number of things,'' said Norm Ornstein, a congressional scholar at the nonpartisan American Enterprise Institute. "And they are probably not going to get through this campaign and be in a mood to be warm and compromising.''

Pelosi will need Bush's acquiescence to get any bill passed by the Democratic House (and the Senate) signed into law. And because the speaker controls the House agenda, Bush will need Pelosi's cooperation to have any of his initiatives even considered on the House floor.

"If Democrats are in control of the House, the president will have to listen,'' Pelosi said. "The only way to deal with him is as a co-equal branch of government.''

I got this excerpt from an article about Nancy Pelosi and George Bush and the kind of relationship they will have if she becomes speaker of the house, which for the future of the country, I hope happens.

But the part highlighted above caught my eye when the reporter of this story named Mark Sandalow claimed that the analyst Norm Ornstein, who is from the American Enterprise Institute, is "nonpartisan". The reason I found that interesting is when you look up the institute on Yahoo it says this:

"Conservative think tank dedicated to preserving and strengthening the foundations of freedom."

I guess conservative is the new nonpartisan now.

As anyone who has watched one of the members of AEI talk about policy on tv could tell you they are not "nonpartisan" and it is completely dishonest to say so.

People For The American Way have a nice little breakdown of the American Enterprise Insitute for you to check out:

Principal Issues

* American Enterprise Institute (AEI) is a think tank for conservatives,
neoconservatives, and conservative libertarians.
* Areas of interest include: America’s “culture war,” domestic policy and federal
spending, education reform, neoconservatism, affirmative action, and welfare
* President George W. Bush has appointed over a dozen people from AEI to senior
positions in his administration. AEI claims that this is more than any other
research institution.

Does this sound like a "nonpartisan" group to you?

I really get tired of this shit and it happens all the time.

Stop lying to your readers Mark Sandalow. All you had to do was put the word conservative in the sentence instead of nonpartisan.

See how easy it is to tell the truth?

Just one little word.

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