Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Holy Joe Lieberman Lies About Social Security

Joe: "I have not supported the Bush administration's social security privatization plan. The record shows I have been against it during the entire Bush administration...I'm never going to do damage to SS...I concluded it was a terrible idea in the 1990s. Ever since then throughout the Bush administration I've been against it."

Fact: In 1996, Lieberman voted for Social Security privatization. In 1998, Lieberman said privatization "has to happen." In 2000, the New York Times reported that "Lieberman has suggested that he could support allowing workers to invest a portion of their payroll taxes in the private markets. That is Mr. Bush's position." In 2005, Lieberman told the Hartford Courant it is "great" that President Bush was pushing privatization. In March 2005, NY Times columnist Paul Krugman noted that Lieberman "gave the administration cover by endorsing its fake numbers" pushing privatization.

Thanks to David Sirota for this great piece of information. There's more of Joe lying (surprise!) here.

I don't understand why the Democrats are not talking about Social Security in this election. With a little research you will find out that Bush wants to try and privatize Social Security yet again starting in January 2007. The Republican's are practically drooling with anticipation of getting rid of one of the "entitlement" programs they despise so much.

Remember the reaction after the 2004 election when Bush came out talking about privatizing and people went nuts over it? Many of them voted for him, stupidly not knowing that this is one of his pet projects to destroy the program. You want to get the baby boomers and those already retired to go to the polls make a good 60 second spot with quotes of Bush and other Republicans talking about how they want to privatize in 2007. It would be just another log on the fire that is already burning across the country against the GOP.

You will see a turnout.


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