Friday, October 27, 2006

Former Bush Official Weeps While Asking For Leniency From Judge

"Former Bush administration official David Safavian wept as he asked for leniency in his obstruction of justice case Friday, telling a judge that his lobbyist friend Jack Abramoff manipulated him and drew him into the scandal.

Safavian, who was convicted in June of lying to investigators about his relationship with the lobbyist while Safavian was chief of staff in the General Services Administration. He helped provided Abramoff with details about GSA projects and offered advice on dealing with the agency.

At sentencing Friday, Safavian apologized for giving the appearance of impropriety but said it was not fraudulent.

"Yes, Jack Abramoff was a friend but he wasn't my coconspirator and I wasn't his," Safavian said. "There was no conspiracy to defraud anyone, least of all the taxpayers."

Read the rest here.

It is interesting that not one of these Republicans charged so far in these Abramoff scandals has admitted to doing anything wrong.

It really is a strange thing, it's almost as if they really think becuase they are Republicans and are right about everything, then they can't possibly have done anything criminal.

There is almost some kind of character flaw in them.....I wonder what it could possibly be?

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