Friday, September 29, 2006

Wal Mart - We Want Our "Associates" To Vote

"It doesn't really cross my mind to go register to vote," said 23-year-old Mike Leng, one of the Wal-Mart employees who received the registration kit. "(This is) an opportunity to voice my opinion."

While the retailer said it would not push employees to support a particular party, Wal-Mart media relations director David Tovar said some employees had been upset by a union-led campaign against the company and wanted to counter the attacks.

A bus trip drawing support from scores of big-name Democrats crisscrossed America this summer claiming Wal-Mart, the country's biggest private-sector employer, provides inadequate wages and health-care coverage while shipping new jobs overseas.

It was launched by the UFCW grocery workers union, which ended efforts to unionize the company last year.

Tovar said he believed Wal-Mart workers upset with the campaign could affect the result in key states at the midterm election, when control of Congress is at stake.

"In certain states where we have a lot of associates -- which is a lot of states -- we think Wal-Mart associates who are very passionate about the company can make a difference in some of these elections," Tovar said in an interview.

Some of the closest races of the midterm election are in Florida, where Wal-Mart has 100,000 employees, Ohio, where it has 50,000 and Pennsylvania, where it has 47,000 workers."

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According to this media relations hack spotlighted above, the workers of Wal-Mart want to vote for Republicans because they are upset that unions tried to unionize the company. Because, as you know, the "associates" of Wal-Mart have it so good.

Do you believe him?

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