Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Tidal Wave Heading Straight For The Hall Of Mirrors

There are times every now and again where you just have to step back and behold the absurdity of it all. You have to step back from the day-to-day trench wars and just marvel at how entrenched power really is in this, the country where we still cling to Horatio Alger fables or "anyone can grow up to be president" myths. What I find particularly fascinating is the intricacy and careful calibration of the propaganda system that holds this whole structure up. Like a hall of mirrors, our political debate is, in every way, designed to perpetuate the status quo. But no hall of mirrors can withstand the impact of a big enough tidal wave, which is why those inside the hall are freaking out.

Consider, for a moment, the frothing, fulminating bile now being spit from the highest reaches of Washington, D.C.'s media establishment. A few months ago, we saw one major columnist at the largest newspaper in the world say voters should not have the right to decide elections in America anymore. Not only was he not shunned for his screed, he continues to appear regularly on television as an objective, god-fearing patriotic American. Soon after that, in the face of polls showing the vast majority of Americans oppose the Iraq War, a top Washington blowhard from one of the largest television networks in the country appeared on TV to label every Democrat who has questioned the war "as weak, Jane Fonda-type Democrats."

Read the rest of it here.

David Sirota brilliantly nails the "problem", as you could call it, on the head.

This is a must read.

David Broder who is pictured above, gets mentioned more than once, although it is not the kind of attention I think he wants.

How to put this nicely and with "decent respect" as Broder seems fond of....too fucking bad.

Now that may seem brutal to some, but I am sorry, these inside the beltway DC insider "journalists" just don't seem to get it at all. Plus, to top it all off, Broder just can't stand the "extreme" left bloggers but seems to have absolutely no problems with the right wing nutcase bloggers at all.

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