Saturday, September 02, 2006

Keith Olbermann & John Dean On Donald Rumsfeld's Authoritarianism

This country is in serious trouble and Keith Olbermann and John Dean both know it, I am not sure how many other "journalists" or talking head media types really get it though. As John Dean explains this Rumsfeld speech is classic authoritarianism and as Dean points out also the administration is playing the people as if they are stupid and won't figure out what is going on. I prefer the terms rubes and dupes myself but it is the same thing.

Interesting how an administration can speak of fascism so much when it shows fascist traits itself and is filled with Right Wing Authoritarians and Social Dominators or "double highs" as they are called. Scary people.

Read John Dean's book Conservatives Without Conscience who explains this personality type quite well.

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