Friday, August 04, 2006

Want To Know How Out Of Touch The Republicans Are?

Read this quote by Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison of Texas and try to imagine the twisted, warped, non-reality world she lives in:

“It is an excuse to make it a do-nothing Congress,” Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison, Republican of Texas, said. “And we are turning our back on the middle-class and poor people in this country who depend on the minimum wage and death-tax relief.”

Allow that statement to swirl around your brain for a while and see if it makes any sense at all. If it does make sense to you I would advise you get psychiatric treatment as soon as possible.

I say it again, if you are NOT rich and you vote for Republicans you are out of your mind and you get what you deserve. Which from the Republicans will be absolutely nothing at all.

You can count on that from them at least.

You don't have money then they don't care.

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