Monday, August 07, 2006

John Dean - Conservatives Without Conscience

I am about halfway through John Dean's newest book Conservatives Without Conscience and I have to say it is extremely interesting and terrifying as well. If you are not familiar with the terms RWAs (Right Wing Authoritianism) or the followers as they could also be called and SDOs (Social Dominance Orientation) or the leaders, you should be if you want to know what is going on with the Republican party and the hard right of our country which would include Christian fundamentalists and the religious right. Naturally the Neo-Cons are included in these types.

There is a very short survey that can be taken to determine how high you are on the scale. The really scary people are the ones who score high on both surveys, they are called Double Highs. It should not be too hard to figure out who some of these people might be in the current administration.

I remember coming out of the theatre after seeing the brilliant movie Downfall about the last days of Hitler down in the bunker in Berlin at the end of World War Two and telling my wife that I thought that some of the hardcore Republican conservatives reminded me of the people in the movie, even though they are not Nazis. Although I would say we are taking baby steps towards fascism at this point.

Now as I am reading this book I know why I thought that even though I couldn't put into words very well what I meant at the time.

After you read this book you will know why as well.

Buy it here.

Here is an interview by Keith Olbermann of John Dean about the book.


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