Thursday, August 24, 2006

Joe Lieberman & Glenn Beck Rightwing Lovefest

Here's a highlight:

BECK: I've been saying this before we even went into Iraq, that we're trying to change the face of the Middle East. The weapons of mass destruction was a nice side benefit. We were trying to go and pop the head of the snake in Iran. That's what we were trying to do. And I don't think anybody had the courage or could actually come out and say that with world politics the way they are.

LIEBERMAN: Well, you're right. And I think if I fault the administration for anything before the war -- 'cause I think we did the right thing in going in to overthrow Saddam -- it's that they oversold the WMD part of the argument....

Read the rest over at Talking Points Memo Cafe here.

Just remember Holy Joe Lieberman considers himself a "progressive" Democrat.

Try not to hurt yourself from laughing too hard even though it's really not funny at all what Joe is doing.

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