Friday, July 28, 2006

What Are You Supposed To Think?

"At Jiyeh, the Israelis attacked the power station. This too was a "terrorist" target.

Yet when I drove to the actual headquarters of Hizbollah, a tall building in Haret Hreik, it was totally undamaged. Only last night did the Israelis manage to hit it."

The quote above is from Robert Fisk, the longtime Middle East reporter for the UK paper the Independent. The title of the piece is called "What I Am Watching In Lebanon Each Day Is An Outrage" which came out on July 15th and you can read it here if you like.

It is an interesting fact to read this and see that it doesn't fit with the consensus as it is called about what is going on in Lebanon. By that I mean that Israel is attacking Lebanon to get Hizbollah and find the two soldiers that were captured. If it was true that they were going after Hizbollah why did they attack and destroy a large part of the infrastructure of Lebanon for days before hitting the headquarters of the group they claimed they were after in the first place? Obviously it wasn't hard to find or an unknown or secret place.

I will venture a wild guess that the capture of these two soldiers was an excuse to put into action plans that we now know were drawn up a year ago to invade Lebanon. Like most people I would understand Israel sending in special forces to go after their soldiers or hit Hizbollah in their well known headquarters in Haret Hreik but that isn't what happened.

The question is why?

The answer, unfortunately, is quite obvious.

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