Saturday, July 22, 2006

Rep. George Miller, Democrat Of California On Pension Criminals

Rep. George Miller on pension fairness: "It's a devastating picture when you meet your constituents who have lost their retirement, who have lost big chunks of their retirement and they come and talk to you at the shopping center, they talk to you in the grocery store, they talk to you in a town hall and they tell you what it means to their plans. We were all stunned as a nation when pensioners got their plans wiped out and devastated by Enron. We called those people criminals. Here we call them legislators. Because people are getting -- people are going to get a devastating hit on their pensions, and we're going to say it's the law."

Republican Rep. McKeon asks that Rep. Miller's words be stricken saying, "I would like to know for sure if he was calling us Criminals." ...

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