Monday, June 19, 2006

Wire - The Ideal Copy

I was exposed to Wire in 1987 with the release of The Ideal Copy (the cd also has the Snakedrill EP from 1986) which was their first record after an 8 years hiatus. A dark, sort of minimalist post punk record with wonderful use of synthesizer textures, sequencing and tape loops help create almost a european dance rock ambience on these mostly melodic "pop" songs. Many of the lyrics are surreal or sometimes they just come from the Brian Eno school of lyric writing, which means if they sounded good they went in the song no matter if they make sense or not, but it works with this album.

And no, I am not very familiar with Pink Flag, and yes, I know it is blasphemy.

Here is the rockin pulse of Ahead and the twisted and spare Feed Me for you to check out.

Buy it here.

Check out the video for song Ahead. It is well worth watching.

This record would be high on a list of 80's favorites for me.


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