Thursday, June 01, 2006

Major Article On The Theft Of The 2004 Election

Robert F. Kennedy Jr has written an article for Rolling Stone magazine detailing the theft of the Presidential election of 2004.

Let the right wing howling begin.

Cognitive Dissonance will do that to you.

Thanks to Mark Crispin Miller for the tip.

Update: The article is really well done and shows in detail how the fraud was executed. Ohio was stolen by Ken Blackwell who now wants to be governor of that state. Scary. He should be in jail.

The GOP will steal the midterm election this fall as well if they are not stopped.

One thing that is strange is there are quite a few "progressive" blogs that I go to on a daily basis who don't have anything posted on this and I don't know why that is. This isn't a "conspiracy" as that word is used to make people seem crazy, it is based on numbers and statistics. When someone says the odds of a series of events happening are 1 in 660,000 as happened in the 2004 election I would say it needs looking into.

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