Monday, May 08, 2006

The Proposition

I happened to catch Ebert & Roeper last night just in time to hear them review John Hillcoat's new film The Proposition written by Nick Cave. They mentioned that he wrote the screenplay and the wonderful atmospheric score while giving it two thumbs up. They also mentioned that it was a violent western with great acting and cast, with no real "good guys."

I am looking forward to seeing it but it doesn't seem to be distributed very well as it isn't coming close to my area until May 26th. Ebert did mention on the show he gets many emails from people saying that if it weren't for dvd they wouldn't be able to see many of the movies he recommends. He said something about multiplexes of stupidity in response and how horrible film distribution is in this country.

I couldn't agree more.

Love the Spaghetti Western style poster.

Here is the website for the film.


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