Sunday, May 07, 2006

The Doors - 40th Anniversary

I am a big Doors fan so it was interesting to read that they are taking a page out of the Beatles playbook by releasing a book called The Doors by The Doors compiled with Ben Fong-Torres, a theatrical documentary produced by Dick Wolf of Law & Order fame and apparently this also:

"In October, Rhino will release a new box set. The box will contain two-disc sets of every studio album--a CD with new stereo mixes by Botnick as well as freshly remastered classic mixes, and a DVD with 5.1 and 96k stereo mixes of the album along with outtakes, alternate takes and video clips."

I don't like new mixes of old material, I think it is like coloring black and white films which is really stupid and ridiculous looking as well, it was mixed that way for a reason and quite frankly there is no way to improve them in my opinion. They hold up very well as does the production by Paul Rothchild which is why the group doesn't sound dated like many others from that era. What are they going to do add more bass to make it sound "contemporary" as some might call it?

I have the newest remasters of all the studio albums that were done in 1999 by Bruce Botnick who was the original engineer on the records and they sound fantastic (because they were done with the original masters rather than a copy of a copy of a copy of an LP master and with better techniques as well) so I see no need to buy them all over again. I will be buying the book however and if it is as good as the Beatles Anthology I will be very happy.

Read about it here.

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