Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Chris Matthews, Howard Dean & Hillary Clinton

Chris Matthews is a fraud, not a journalist and he is very balanced toward the GOP but not when it comes to Democrats. Howard Dean points out (and handles the situation easily) that Matthews obsession with the Clinton's personal life is silly and gossip and nothing else. I wonder if Chris is going to be as interested in John McCain's personal life? Like having an affair while married? Nah, why would Matthews be interested in that it's just gossip about a Republican. Or if McCain is so close to his wife why didn't he know she had an addiction?

I personally don't care what a politician does between the sheets, or doesn't do for that matter, but it does show how the "liberal" media (one of the most idiotic terms ever invented) really do have a double standard and bias. As for conservatives calling the moderate Bill and Hillary Clinton liberal, that would be funny if they didn't actually believe it was true.

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