Monday, April 03, 2006

Ron - Morning On Vallecitos & The Dark

My cousin, Ron, has been a bassist and guitarist for many, many years and one of the big thrills of his life was meeting one of his musical heroes a few years Mr. Geddy Lee of Rush. You might have even heard of them before. They are sort of well known I understand. Ron is the tall one standing next to Geddy wearing a bootleg Rush fandom t-shirt and then there is some guy smiling next to guitarist Alex Lifeson. I asked him once what his bass playing style was and he said it was a combination of the influences of John Paul Jones, Paul McCartney and Geddy Lee.

Here are a couple of tunes by Ron that are interesting. The first is a basic demo of an acoustic song called Morning On Vallecitos which has a bit of a George Harrison All Things Must pass era influence to it. Then there is the more heavy and very well produced number called The Dark which might remind some people of A Perfect Circle a little. Although I think he made this track right around the time the first record came out. Neither one has vocals on it.

Both Geddy and Alex were very nice and down to earth.

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