Thursday, April 13, 2006

The Chills - The Male Monster From The Id

Martin Phillips of The Chills wrote some great songs on his two early 90's major label records. Those are the only records of his I know so I can't say anything about any of his other material. Unfortunately they never sold, The Male Monster From The Id (despite it's non-hit sounding title) should have been a hit single from the Soft Bomb album, but artistry most times has nothing to do with "success" or selling records as it is more commonly known. But we all know that don't we?

The tune is a perfect jangly guitar pop song with absolutely wonderful lyrics and a stick in your head hummable melody. Hard to imagine many people could write a song on this subject and get you singing along to a chorus like this:

Gotta stay on guard always
Wanna keep my caveman hidden
Everyone has some off days
When we make bad descisions
Each man I've seen has some
Animal behaviour in him
Some can conceal better
The male monster from the id...

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