Thursday, March 30, 2006

Tom Tomorrow - Hell In A Handbasket

I am going to try and see Tom Tomorrow the cartoonist of This Modern World tonight on his west coast tour promoting his new anthology of cartoons called Hell In A Handbasket. It's the hot ticket in town for all the hip boys and girls. If you are not familiar with his work you are missing some very funny and politically astute observations of the Bush/Neo-Con bunch as the extremely subtle cover suggests. Is that Hannity and Coulter with bat wings flapping in the window behind those very nice men with horns? The one on the right seems especially cheery and nice.

Update: I did manage to go see Tom when he appeared in Berkeley on his recent west coast tour. There was a good size turnout as far as I could tell, they had to keep adding chairs for people to sit on and eventually many had to just stand in the back, so I have to assume he was happy about that. He was very, very tired as he told me when I chatted with him as he signed my book. He mentioned his friend John who was in the audience was a rock n roller and was more used to this kind of thing than he was and I said "you mean the lead singer from Cake?" and he said yes that's the one. I have no idea how I knew that is who the guy was. I had seen him sitting close to me but the only time I ever saw Cake was in 1994 at the Hotel Utah in San Francisco and I had no idea who they were when I saw them at the time. It was a random thing. I have never owned any Cake records either.

Weird that I would recognize him.

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