Monday, February 13, 2006

XTC - Reign Of Blows (Vote No Violence!)

XTC are just too good for words in my opinion, but I haven't been listening to them much lately, so on a whim I pulled out The Big Express when going out to do some errands the other day. Although it is not my favorite record by XTC I like it in some ways because it has a very different vibe than some of the other 80's stuff, a more bluesy, thick, hard and angular sound with lots of Linn drums on it that Andy was infatuated with at the time. There isn't another record they have that sounds like it. Reign Of Blows came on and after hearing lyrics like this:

"So torture raises it's head
decked out in blue white and red
and iron maidens will slam
and by the half light of burning republics
Joe Stalin looks just like Uncle Sam"

I couldn't help but think of our current glorious leader George Bush (I meant president...sorry!) and the situation in the world right now. I'll bet some Iraqis can relate to this song. You could say it is dedicated to the prez. Enjoy.

Buy it here.

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