Thursday, February 02, 2006

Instrumental Interlude: Foreigner - Tramontane

Not much time today so I though I would put up an instrumental track. A friend from high school had this on cassette tape (remember them?) and I would sometimes get rides with him so I heard this track more than a few times and always liked it. Foreigner hit it very big with their first album and despite expectations they had an even bigger selling second record with Double Vision which you couldn't escape in 1978 no matter how you tried. If I only had a dime for every time I heard Hot Blooded I would be a rich man now. Tromontane is a synthesizer heavy track with some electric guitar and nothing fancy about it, but it has a nice little groove and some atmosphere. I think it would be perfect on a collection of instrumenal tracks for a road trip, which isn't a bad idea, I will be taking a short one at the end of March. I do all the driving so I can pick the music. To think Foreigner was the inspiration. I will tell you how it comes out after I put it together.

Buy it here.

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