Monday, February 06, 2006

The Humans - I Live In The City

The Humans
were from my hometown of Santa Cruz and they cut the classic song I Live In The City. It is an up tempo new wave rocker with jittery keyboards, screaming guitar and Sterling Storm's wailing David Byrne like vocals that fit this paranoid take on modern life and groupies in the big city perfectly. The band were signed to I.R.S. records where they released the EP called Play which contained I Live In The City and one full length album called Happy Hour. Apparently that is about it for recorded output. Check out more info about the band here at Mr. Bill's I.R.S. Corner if you are so inclined. I think the first picture you see on the page is actually the Virgin Prunes but I could be mistaken. If anyone knows please leave a comment.

You can buy it here or here.

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