Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Bryan Ferry - Frantic

Bryan Ferry is nothing if not smart and tasteful as can be shown by his choice of songs to cover and the musicians he collaborates with. On Frantic, his last record, he co-wrote songs with Dave Stewart and Brian Eno as well as producing with Stewart, Robin Trower and Rhett Davies. He also has good taste in clothes, album covers and videos plus he still looks great and has a full head of hair. If we could all be so lucky!

No need to mention that band he was in that put out all those classic albums as everyone should be familiar with them. This album doesn’t sound as produced or slick as most of his records of the last two decades it has a more “dry” sound to it. Like most singers his voice isn’t quite what it used to be as he has gotten older, it has a more husky sound to it now but I still like it.

He does a really nice Cajun arrangement of the Leadbelly classic Good Night Irene featuring fiddle and accordian. My favorite tune though is I Thought which he wrote with Eno, a simple and beautiful song filled slightly quirky production featuring a great vocal by Bryan and backing vocals by Eno, Bryan does nice harmonica work on it also.

Buy it here.

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